We make it simple for clubs to give players the flexibility to play where each feels safe.

GETTING ORGANISED for 2021 and beyond?

Keeping faithful?

Whether replicating successful games or conforming to pre-conditions so that players can qualify for later games, count

on the excellence of our team to ensure all the right boxes are ticked for a recognisable playing environment.

Thrown away the rulebook?

2020 has proven that there is an

exciting new way to play bridge. The technology transformations to our game mean that bridge organisers can take players to new places, play different formats, and ensure there’s always a partner for everyone to enjoy their game.

Staying put?

Choice is the new feature of contemporary competition – offer your players the flexibility to choose to play where they feel most safe - no event is too big or too small to give players the option of video & audio play at home, gathered with friends, or at a venue’s bridge table.