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We are a highly experienced team offering a personalised playing experience online and face to face.

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We are world class providers who have been helping clubs, regions, and national bridge organisations to run highly successful bridge tournaments for more than 20 years.

No two bridge events are the quite same. As trends, venues and technology change, it is helpful to call on the experts when looking to do something different to show your players a good time.

2020 was an amazing year for bridge – and it gave birth to our company, formed with one single intention – to help competitive bridge thrive wherever it is played.

Today we welcome 10,000 players each month to games hosted, directed or event managed by our team of self-employed professionals.

In this brochure we let our people and our clients explain just some of the ways International Bridge Excellence Ltd are contributing to bridge as an enjoyable playing experience in 2021. And then list all our services and signpost you with information to get you started.

When you sit down to organise your next bridge event, do so confidently, knowing you have the tools you need for a great tournament.

With our wealth of experience to draw upon, why not bring your bridge to us - online or face to face.


Maurizio Di Sacco
Company Director