TD Notices Online Swiss TEAMs

BBO Swiss Teams

We will play 6, 7 or 8 board matches, stopping for a break after 24 boards. BBO Swiss Teams will endeavour to avoid re-matches, giving priority to the top ranking places so there be re-matches if the field is small relative to rounds played.

Your directors are Sarah Amos(s_amos) Ian Mitchell(imitch) Maurizio Di Sacco(ibex) and Nicole (Nicoletd) and Fabrizio(mrwolf76).

We have a bunch of please dos to help you all have a fair, competitive game. 

  1. Please self-alert and explain all conventional calls in the explain box as you bid.
  2. Please always ask for explanations by clicking on the call only – ie refrain from using private chat to an oppo. We do not condone entrapment queries (ie do not ask the partner for explanations ever!)
  3. Our games usually allow UNDOs – but we will announce if their are any limitations – If asked for an UNDO at any time we ask you to accept it immediately the request appears – if you think it could be other than a misclick simply call the TD after you have accepted the UNDO request. Again the TDs will not condone UNDOs based on misinformation of unauthorised information, but will adjust accordingly if UNDOs were not accepted when they should have been. Please not that even in no UNDO game the TDs may allow an undo for technical reasons.
  4. Please be polite. Bad behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated. We will give one warning, then remove offenders without a table money refund.
  5. Ethically please know that we are watching, we trust you all, until you prove we cannot – do not be alarmed if we contact you to query an action – be polite visitors to this virtual game– we are all in each other homes today, so act as if you are the best house guests ever!
  6. You can tell us about hesitations but online they mean many things and are almost never what they are face-to-face.
  7. Uncompleted boards will be finished by the BBO system, or the TD. Please let us know if the adjustment does not seem correct. But please be aware that when assigning scores for unfinished boards the TD will give the most likely outcome from the point play stopped, weighting only if there are too many likely outcomes, or a guess was required.
  8. Players who wish to appeal a ruling or score adjustment should notify the TD within 20 minutes of the end of the game that they wish to appeal. It is anticipated that appeals from online events will involve questions of application of law and regulation and the Director in charge shall hear and rule upon such matters (Law 93B1) and will arrange to refer other matters to a referee, as necessary.

    For EBU & WBU events the Chief TD will be the TD in charge of the event. 

    For all other events, players may ask for a ruling to be reviewed. 

    The Reviewer will check that the tournament director has gathered the necessary evidence of what occurred when the infraction arose. The Reviewer will then need to be satisfied that the correct law was applied and that other tournament directors were consulted where appropriate. In matters involving the judgement that was exercised by a player following unauthorised information, incorrect explanation or failure to alert, the Reviewer will clarify that suitable players have been asked appropriate questions to enable a judgmental view to be obtained.

    Finally the Reviewer will check that the ruling that was issued based upon all the information available to the tournament directors was within the bounds of reasonableness.

    The deposit may be forfeited if in the opinion of the reviewer there is insufficient basis for requesting the review.