Virtual Killarney
South of Ireland

International Bridge Congress

9 - 17 May 2020

For the very first time ever we are proud to bring Killarney to you in lockdown, since this year none of you can come to Killarney! We hope this will be the first and only Virtual Killarney Congress of this kind because next year we intend to welcome you all to the real Killarney South of Ireland, Congress  so let’s make it fabulous!

Online we need to do things a bit differently.

  1. We need to know who you are ahead of the day so we can be sure you are on our Congress Pairs List.
  2. The teams events are by pre-entry only.
  3. Prizes will be pooled and take the form of practical bonuses towards entries in 2021 in Killarney
  4. The music and sights of Killarney will come to you via tournament links.
  5. The hospitality is self serve!!

ALL REGISTRATION HAS NOW CLOSED. See you next time at the next  Killarney or virtual Killarney Congress.

Congress Timetable

Saturday 9 May    

2.15pm         Session 1 Congress Pairs

7.15pm         Session 2 Congress Pairs

Sunday 10 May   

2.15pm         Session 1 Mixed Pairs

7.15pm         Session 2 Mixed Pairs

Monday 11 May

7.15pm         Mixed Teams

Tuesday 12 May

7.15pm         Mixed Teams continued

Wednesday 13 May 

7.15pm   Intermediate Friendly Pairs

Thursday 14 May 

7.15pm       Swiss Pairs Matchpointed

Friday 15 May

7.15pm         Swiss Pairs IMPs

Saturday 16 May   

10.30am       Virtual Lough Lein Teams

Sunday 17 May       

10.30am       Virtual Lough Lein Teams

Sunday FINAL on from 2.15 pm   in ZOOM lounge

An online way to experience Southern Ireland bridge