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Bridge Magic at tgrs

Join us at London’s most welcoming rubber bridge club where typically we play Chicago Bridge every day. 

If being an individual when you play is your (new) favourite way to play bridge, then this is the game venue for you! 

More of a bridge spectator? Perfect. We are all friends who know bridge – you will be welcomed.

Visit once, or join us as a player to put your money and skills on the line for success. 

We play bridge play every afternoon unless we are all elsewhere engaged in bridge pursuits – so be sure to call ahead to be sure of a game.

Guest, Day and Full Memberships available


Looking to wile away a few hours on a wet afternoon in London? Do you seek to hone your skills at reading the cards and your opponents? Simply want to soak up the amosphere of professional bridge play? You are welcome!

Come ready to feel the pain and joy that is professional bridge. A ride into the mystical game of rubber bridge can be quite magical!


Our TGRs Superleague season runs each season. Teams compete for promotion to our Premiere League at season end. Matches take place every second Tuesday or Wednesday evening. Details and league standing can be found here.


Bridge played at TGRs is most often in its natural form.

We encourage the use of only the simplest conventions. We teach bridge players to think for themselves. Students will build their bridge knowledge and learn to interpret the clues that the cards impart.

To find out more about bridge coaching and tutoring sessions for individuals and groups, please speak to Artur about your requirements.


Our coffee is hot and tasty, the champagne on ice and the sandwiches and meals are wholesome, delicious and homemade.

Come on in and talk bridge with us while you relax and refresh.


We have a range of membership options. Please speak to our team when you visit the club for the first time.


The nearest London Underground station is Paddington. The 46 bus runs past the door, and many other buses stop nearby. If you are coming by car, you can park on the street. We are outside the congestion charge zone.

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We play Chicago-style rubber bridge at TGRs, with straightforward bidding and play conventions. Table money varies with the stake, but you can enjoy an afternoon’s bridge for as little as £10.

Players cut for partners at the start of each four-deal Chicago, and the highest card deals the first hand. The vulnerability is: love all on the first hand, dealer’s side non-vulnerable on the second and third hands, and game all on the fourth hand. (Note that this may be different from other places where you have played Chicago).

Game and slam bonuses are added to the score of each hand according to vulnerability. Part scores carry over as at rubber bridge, and there is a bonus of 100 points for a part score on the last deal of a Chicago.

In games over £5 per 100, overtricks do not count towards the score on any deal unless the contract is doubled. Players are encouraged to claim as soon as they can see enough tricks to make the contract.


Artur Malinowski

Born in Poland, then moved to Norway and now resident in  England for many years and married to another bridge professional and former manager of TGRs Marilyn.

Playing wise, Artur won the silver medal at the 2007 European Pairs in Antalya, and was in the England Open team that took the silver medal in the World Mind sport Games in Beijing in 2008. Artur also has two bronze medals in the European Mixed Teams, and has won the English teams event, Crockfords as well as the Gold Cup. With David Bakhski he represented England in the World Championships at Bermuda Bowl in 2019 where the team was very unlucky not to make the semi-finals.



catering manager


Administrative support


league director


club host


player's stories

"If you are in harmony with yourself, it will be easier to be in harmony with your partner, and you will both be able to play to the best of your ability".



“You can’t fail to be enthralled by the goings-on in the £100 (or even £200) game.”

robert sheehan

Author of THE BIG GAME

"Should be in every bridge player's library.
Funny, instructive... just great !"

Zia mahmood



TGRs has hosted many events over the years, from visiting matches to EBU International Trials.

As well as a full event management team to help organisers looking to source equipment, directors board dealing and scoring systems, the team at TGRs can help with staging large tournaments as well – with everything from flyer printing to venue finding and event administration.

“This fabulous tournament had it all – excellent playing conditions … players with “World Champion” on their CVs, top-notch organisation and hospitality second to none” – ZIA MAHMOOD