Stock tournament phrases

Event Setup


Welcome to this online game. Have a very nice game and play some good bridge. Please self-alert and explain calls yourself. 


This is a private game for included players only. If you are blocked please message the host and ask for UNBLOCK.  Wait for a reply and try again. Sorry!  You must both be online by 12.55pm or the system will de-register you at game time and you will not play.




Hi all, please check your partner is online now. if one of your partnership is offline you will both be de-registered and WILL NOT PLAY.

5 minute warning

The game starts in 3 minutes and we want you all to play – check now your partner is online too.

1 minute warning

The system is about to de-register any offline players – we start in one minute. Let’s hope you are all online and ready to play!! Good luck for your game everyone. 


On their arrival

Hi Thank you for subbing, it might be for one hand or a few – our player has disappeared and should return.

Players at table

Hi all – I have put a sub into the seat so you can finish this hand until your missing player returns. I will re-seat the missing player when they are online (message me to tell me). 

End of Tournament Farewell

Hi everyone. It’s the last round. I trust you have done some good things and had a nice game. Next St James games if tomorrow at 1pm – see you then or another time. Until then stay safe and well enjoy this gorgeous weather. 

We are now able to display the results the usual way again – so have a look on the club website or here on BBO in your My Results history.

European Niceties - JJ's texts

Welcome! I am Jose Julio (call me JJ) and I am one of the TDs in this team

Don’t forget to explain all your artificial and special calls or announcements. Use the alert button when you are about to call or click on the call you just made and write

You can also request for opponent’s explanations by clicking the call(s) they made

This is a timed tournament. You have 14 minutes per round to play both boards

And if you need any help, just call me


1 minute to go, if you are still playing you need to claim or hurry up 🙂

3 minutes to go, if you are still playing you need to claim or hurry up 🙂

Going OUT:

Welcome to the last round! We would like to thank you all for joining and to our lovely subs that make these tournaments possible

You can check the provisional results moments after the last table is finished and later at the club website, as usual.


Next Wednesday we are back at 10.AM with the Ace of Clubs Social Duplicate. Until then, keep safe and try to have as much fun as you can 🙂


Tomorrow we are back at 11.AM with the Ace of Clubs Duplicate online. Until then, keep safe and try to have as much fun as you can 🙂


Next Monday we are back at 10.45AM or 11 Am with the Ace of Clubs Gentle or Main Duplicates

We wish you all a nice weekend and hope to see you here next week!

 Until then, keep safe and try to have as much fun as you can 🙂