the Bridge directors who are still taking face to face games
online in 2021

The faces behind the messages

There are now lots of ways to play competitive bridge. We love BBO and RealBridge – uniquely different offerings for playing online, but essentially the same. 

Now we are also helping bridge clubs get ready to play face to face. We promote a clean, green playing environment where players use their own devices to score, record & view results, pay table money and book for games. We even make virtual directing a realistic option for clubs.

Talk to us if you would like help to give your players a paper-free, cash-free & technology-rich bridge playing environment.

Finding your way to a BBO tournament.


rabbi & smint

Locked down in Madeira, Portugal with his partner Elisa and 7 year old son.
European Director and BBO Tournament Director for 16 years.


Locked down in Melbourne, Australia with granddaughter Sophie, and her daughter

Proofreader, sub-editor and Nicole’s brilliant mum who hosts every morning at the partnership desk.

EBU_5 & s_amos

Locked down in Wales, with her bridge teacher daughter Rachel

EBU National Director and BBO TD since lockdown began.


mdisacco & mdisacco2

Locked down in Pisa, Italy with his wife Marcella and son (12) and daughter (17).  

World Chief Operations Director and BBO Host  Website:

nicolec EBU_6 EBU_4

Locked down in Chelmsford , Essex England with partner Jim

EBU Senior Director and BBO Host & TD since lockdown.

Locked down in Aylesbury, England with his partner Mandie.

 European Director and former masterpoint and scoring expert for EBU.

The birds love the quiet...


When we’re not tding….

Nicole takes photos

The family put in their requests...

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-11 at 16.57.13

When we’re not tding….

Maurizio cooks

When we’re not tding….

Sarah walks her dog & bakes

Tourist times in South Africa - January 2020

and we recall trips we made... now the big cats walk where we once did...