1 partner required

LOGIN to Bridgebase


Orient yourself to the ALL TOURNAMENTS –

SEARCH – Aces 

for Aces1 Beginner or Aces2 Novice or Aces3 Intermediate

Register for your preferred supervision game by inviting your partner just like in the video. Wait to play – you can register anytime up to 15 minutes before the game. NB Registration opens 2 hours before gametime.

Up for the COMPETITIVE challenge ? 

Before Thursday:

a/ Login to BBO and teach yourself how to send a message to EBU_6. 

b/Login to the COMPETITIVE AREA and register for any FREE tournament. Your partner needs to be online if you want to actually register. Remember to CANCEL your registration after you succeed!

Good luck and I have confidence you will succeed.

A/ and B/ too easy? Now for C

c/Message EBU_6 and ask for the ZOOM change my profile name link – we need your BBO and Zoom names to match so we can put you in the same breakout room as your opponents and partner! With the link we tell you how to!

WHEN you have mastered a/b/c change your ZOOM profile to:

 BBO username – firstname – abc!