Surrey Greenpointed Weekend

Saturday 24 September & Sunday 25 September 2021
on Realbridge
Session 1: 11am-1.30pm 
LUNCH BREAK 1.30pm – 2.15pm 
Session 2: 2.15-5.30pm
Joining instructions for competitors

Game opens for entry at 10am

Click on the appropriate link for the game SWISS PAIRS  or SWISS TEAMS, it will take you to the tournament entrance which looks just like the image above!

When you arrive please type your first name, surname and EBU number in this format :

Full Name: Joe Bloggs

ID number: 404966

Then turn on your camera and microphone access. If you speak and the Mic volume shows green movement great, if you see your smiling self in the smiley face window great! Otherwise you will need to locate the padlock in your browser address bar (yellow arrow in image) and give your browser access to your camera and/or microphone.

NOW click LOGIN (green arrow in image above).

Once inside the RealBridge lobby please orientate yourself to your team table and sit opposite your partner as either North, South, East or West. 
When seated at the table players can see others at that table and chat.

Please arrive no later than 15 minutes before play is due to commence.

Play starts promptly at the 11.00am and at that time cards will appear.

Please self-alert your conventional calls, including calls above 3NT, as you would on BBO. UNDOs will be allowed for misclicks in the bidding only – just as you do on BBO, click on the UNDO button which is on the lower right of the screen. Please accept all undos requested by the opposition. If you are concerned about the nature of the undo call the TD after play. If you have any technical issues with allowing an UNDO please call for the Director.

Playing time is 7 minutes per board (49 minutes per round)  – please keep an eye on the clock or you may miss boards. Once all tables have finished you are automatically sent on your way for the next round.

The Directors will announce timings.

Results will be available throughout and hand records too after the event.

Your Directors will be Sarah Amos, Ian Mitchell and Nicole Cook.

This should all be very straight forward and we look forward to a lovely day with you all.

Trouble shooting:

In general you should only need to take an action once, Clicking numerous times can cause odd things to happen! So make your call or play, accept a request, or claim once. Then wait.

If you freeze (ie play a card and nothing happens, or think opponent is taking a strangely long time to bid or play), or lose connection totally  then please do the following in this order:

1. Click leave the table & return. If that doesn’t fix the problem then

2. Leave the game by clicking the TAB in your browser (red arrow in image above) and click on the original link again. This should right the problem AND park you directly into your seat provided you have keyed in your name and EBU number again correctly.

If you are still having issues then 3: Call the TD (This step is not normally necessary as someone at the table will surely have already done so while you were offline!)