We are delighted to be able to offer you our proposal to stage the 2020 Red Sea Festival on BBO. We have prepared a programme based on a combination of our experience, your planned face-to-face event programme and time zone considerations. This will enable you to offer something from the Festival to all your players wherever they may be at this time.

Our service is comprehensive and the proposal assumes you would like us to take care of everything. But we are flexible to fit in with your own knowledge and local people.


The times have been adapted a tiny bit to reflect the interest you may get from players who might’ve attended from around the world. Time is a different construct in the virtual bridge world so we have adjusted the offline timings marginally a little to suit potential players.

The timing schedule will now mean you are able to offer a game to your audience wherever they are in the world:

Morning sessions in Israel will meet the Far East and Australasian players in the evenings

Afternoon sessions in Israel will meet the European and Middle East players in the afternoon, and Americans in the early monring

Evening sessions in Israel will meet European and American players in the evening and afternoon respectively.

The sessions:

Morning 10.30am – 12.30pm,     Afternoon 4pm – 6pm    Evening 8.30pm -10.30pm

The format we propose is based on what we know works on BBO from our experience running similar events in virtual Ireland, Wales and England in 2020.

Single session Pairs – 18-24 board howell movement for a single winner. Either we can combine multiple sections playing duplicated bards, or simply run mitchell movements and present as a single winner.

TWO session Pairs – 1st session 18-24 board mitchell with NS or EW, 2nd session NS play in 1 section, EW in another. Results are combined for a single event winner

THREE session Pairs – as above with Howell finals in third session as all-play-all sized sections or as preferred depending on orginal entry size

SWISS TEAMS – 8 x 6 board rounds, duplicated boards – players enter as a team on BBO and are seated on performance at the end of 6 boards. Break after 4 matches.

RESULTS – we have the means to display the results for each session, and cumualtive performance activity during the week. A link to the event website is all that will be needed to achieve this.

BULLETIN – We can create an online bulletin for players to read from the event website each day, with commentary of previous hands, and add any other material useful for readers. Perhaps this could be an opportuntiy for sponsors to advertise here.

In the virtual world pricing is a piece of string – the variables make it hard to quickly say who earns what when, and who pays how mcuh to whom. The variables are: What the market will bear, NBO masterpoint and regulations, organiser profit desirables, offline expenses needing covering, and the means by which table money will be collected.

The best way we know to give a starting point is to include a pricing model for table money, and the profit structure based on one guestimate set of variables.


The BBO platform offers two ways to pay. Neither requires you as the organiser to get involved – we would handle it all.

  1. Players can pay a pre-set amount in BBO dollars at registration – for this option players simply need to know how much they are expected to pay so they can – event advertising takes care of this.
  2. Players pay offline to an event booking site, and then pay nothing on the day.
Guestimate for 2020 – all money collected on BBO
# tablesPairsPlayers# Sessions BBO$ chargeREDSEA
2040802Mixed $    10.00 $          480.00
2040802EXTRA OPEN $      8.00 $          384.00
4020407Morning Pairs $    10.00 $          840.00
1020401Evening Pairs $    10.00 $          120.00
30601202Matchpoint Pairs $    10.00 $          720.00
2040801NATIONAL SIM $    10.00 $          240.00
30601202IMP Pairs $    10.00 $          720.00
30601203OPEN MAIN PAIRS $    10.00 $      1,080.00
1020401Farewell PAIRS $      8.00 $            96.00
       $      4,680.00
 481921Teams $    10.00 $          576.00
     NET RETURN TO RED SEA $      5,256.00

created in October 2020 by Maurizio Di Sacco and team


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