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Joining a Tournament on REALBRIDGE

To join REALBRIDGE you need to click on the link sent in an email to the player who registered the team. (Captains please forward the link to your teammates, players please get the link from your captain as we do not have team member email addresses.)

At the webpage you arrive at – type your Firstname  then Surname, EBU number.

Then turn on your camera and microphone access and click LOGIN.

Once inside the RealBridge lobby please orientate yourself to a team table and sit opposite your partner as either North, South, East or West. Your teammates must also start at the same table you do in the opposite polarity. (At gametime you will learn your playing assignments).

When seated at the players can see others at that table and chat. To this end please join with your device’s camera and microphone activated.

Please arrive no later than 15 minutes before play is due to commence.

Play starts promptly at the scheduled time and at that time cards will appear. Please follow the Director’s instructions regarding alerting partner’s calls and announcing conventional calls.

UNDOs will be allowed – just as you do on BBO, click on the UNDO button which is on the lower right of the screen. Please accept all undos requested by the opposition. If you are concerned about the nature of the undo call the TD after play.

After your match you  are automatically returned to your team table, before being sent on your way for the next match.

There will be a one hour lunch break for two session games. The Directors will announce timings, and any other relevant instructions.

Results will be available throughout and hand records too after the event.

The host will be Sarah Amos and your Directors will be Nicole Cook and Sarah Amos and Ian Mitchell.

This should all be very straight forward and we look forward to a lovely Congress with you all.

Full event management by iBEx Ltd