Freelance independent bridge director for online or face to face games 

Breathe fresh air & create a new normal for venue bridge games

My stance on playing  or directing face to face?

I am reticent, but committed to helping us all get back face to face confidently

This is my clean, green commitment to myself and players

I agree to be safe & stay home with symptoms and like a clean,green clubhouse.

I commit to providing

I am a professional, expert in efficiently organising and running events for clubs, counties, national unions. Bridge directing, and scoring are part of the service, as is co-ordinating and supply of equipment. Since lockdown I have started taking more involvement  in online technology for event management and promotion. Talk to me if you need help with any aspect of bridge play or organisation.


I am doing my best to make the playing room a safe place to play. To that end these are the measures I will take and hope you will feel confident to relax and play well.

  1. There will be no cash in the playing room. Hopefully you are all OK to pay by credit card or bank transfer (we will explain how ahead of a game)
  2. There will be a bidding box unopened on your table – it is yours for the session to keep and carry with you to each new table. If you have your own you are welcome to bring and use it.
  3. There will be more sets of boards in play, so fewer pairs of hands will touch your cards.
  4. Please be diligent to sanitise your hands regularly and avoid putting the cards near your face.
  5. The tables will be well spaced so moving pairs can so conscious to social distance.
  6. You are encouraged to use your own phone (or ipad) to enter scores and view rankings using the scoring APP (FREE for players) (click here for details). The App does access the internet, and creates personal scorecards so you do not need to keep score with a pen. If you wish to do so, please bring your own pen and take a personal score card from the setup table. The deal files display at the end of play so no hand records will be printed.
  7. Please keep everything except cards off the table during play.
  8. Please be courteous and mindful to avoid encroaching into your opponents’ space at the table.
  9. As the Director, I will not typically wear a mask, but will aim to minimise time at the table. Please know that corrections to scores can be done on a device away from the table, so it is sufficient to explain, then refresh your device when instructed.
  10. I commit to providing simultaneously run linked games online where there are sufficient numbers of entered players who are staying home to stop the spread of germs. Games will usually be merged at the end of play.
  11. It is my expectation that players take their own responsibility for respecting each other. Particularly adhering to all instructions and guidelines that are only designed to give everybody the same feeling of comfort and confidence regarding perceptions. ie Please do not ask me to act as cleaner, policeman or marshal (these roles are very definitely not my forte!)


ibeSCORE is a version of the BRIAN scorer. You can use either.

Just look for the FREE Brian App logo in the Apple Store, or search the ibeSCORE logo at Google Play

ibeSCORE (Google Play) Android phone or tablet

(Apple Store) ipad or iphone

The system is quite intuitive when you get started – but we invite you to watch this short video before you play. It’s really easy and safe!

This is the scoring tool I use to run games. If you are needing to borrow a device, I can bring extras – please tell me.


Results of every game I score are uploaded here automatically – so players will earn reward points just for playing. 

Online players can always enjoy games daily – 18 boards with UNDOs and kibitzers permitted. Our TD team is second to none and there is always a robot if you need a partner.

Look for: ibex_1 or  ibex_6 games at 10am and 8pm

Ask me if you would like a game – diary permitting I would be delighted to play.


This is the form style I use when I look after collecting the entry fee or table monies.

Payers can check their wallet and book sessions any time.

It makes life much easier for sending event details and instructions to groups.

Make your payment directly into our bank account Ms N Cook SORT CODE 09-01-27 Account 22115261. Please use your Order ID as the payment reference. The payment will be marked as paid once the amount is deposited


This is a nice tool developed particularly for online games where there was no means to pay directly. Now it is perfect for linked games where players play in different venues.


When I direct I like to have a good idea who is coming so I can ensure we have sufficient board sets for these times. So I use our own developed booking tool if none has been adopted already.