Camrose Trophy 2019

Match 9: Board 16

Sunday morning's first 16 boards generated clear leaders at the half way stage. With 12 minutes on the clock both English North/South started board 16.

Cooke/Small for the EBU, and Robson/Allfrey in the Closed Room for England.

The TDs had nervous moments for a delayed restart when ten minutes(!) later dummy was faced at the two tables.

No worries, a few seconds later both tables claimed with minutes to spare.

Once again, in both matches the board was flat. In two very different ways. Sitting North, Cameron Small for the EBU took seven bids, and John Carroll for Ireland only two to empty their respective bidding box.

Here are the auctions, and players during the match.

EBU v Ireland

Ireland v EBU


Here is the traveller for the board in the other matches:

Board 16 EW Game Dealer W
126C-1ND10 50 -1414
216NT+1NS61020  14-14
346NT+1SH61020  00
436NT+1NS21020  00
567NT=NS61520  00
657NT=NH51520  00