April & May – it’s virtually Bridge!

Online games with your Lockdown TD Team

Hi everyone

Can you believe it. More than two months have now gone by that we have been playing bridge only online. It’s been a fun and challenging time learning all that is involved, while you have all been getting familiar with the clicks and chats and technology too. And then there’s the bridge to be played!

Our team thought it might be nice to give you a little update about all the goes on behind the scenes while you play.

Nicole has a short recap of April and May activity. And gives us some insights into what is coming this month.[…]

Jose Julio answers some questions that we have been asked about time, gives some suggestions and tells us about the new games on a Saturday that anyone can play. […]

Maurizio has spotted a couple of cute hands and written them up. Hand 1 Hand 2 Plus he shares a classic pasta lockdown recipe his kids love. […]

We meet the players from a club in the North of England who celebrated the club’s 10th anniversary on BBO – not letting necessity dim the mood! […]

We visit Killarney to tell you about the Virtual Congress that ran for 10 consecutive days.

Sarah has been doing a lot of fab things with players in Wales and the West of England – from new clubs joining to supervised duplicates with players zooming around, just as if she was moving East/West pairs – the chat experience is reported to be just like at the table – who would have imagined! […]

Ian has a few words and examples to help explain what happens to boards that get timed out and adjusted from AVE […]

COVID-19 is very real and close to home for some, while distant for others. If you have had it, and are recovering(ed), we do hope you can look forward to the prospect of being safe to play, while those of us who have been sticking super close to home and skirted any risk, start to fear ever leaving home again. In short, we are all in different boats but on the same ocean with unknowns depths and hazards. Be kind to each other online – we are all keeping sane together.

Stay safe and play.

See you online soon.

Nicole, Sarah Jose Julio, Maurizio, Ian


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