How to Register for LANCASHIRE CONGRESS Swiss Teams

 Please agree a time for all four players to login to BBO between 8am and 10am on Sunday 1st November.

Players 1, 2 (Pair A) & 3, 4 (Pair B) login to BBO as normal.

  1. Pair A registers as usual to tournament: LANCASHIRE CONGRESS SWISS TEAMS
  2. STAY ONLINE and wait to accept an invite from your teammate (The player who invited gets the invite).
  3. Logoff and come back online by 10.55am ready to play.

Pair A do this

After Pair A has registered, Players 3 & 4 (Pair B) also registers to the tournament: LANCASHIRE CONGRESS SWISS TEAMS


Pair B do this

Player 3 do this

After Pair A & B has registered,  the player who invited from Pair B needs to logoff and login again using the FLASH version of BBO (or same link in Captain’s information below)to join up the team. This is a 30 second job – login, locate the tournament, click on register and you will see a button to SELECT TEAMMATES – click it and INVITE your teammates. When they accept, you are done.

NB: If you don’t see the SELECT TEAMMATES button cancel your registration and invite partner again.

NB: If you all are using i-devices you will need to call /email me for help while your 3 teammates are online.

Check your team is listed as entered for our first online Swiss Teams.

  1. After you see Players 1, 2 registered, log off and login again using this link only: (This link will request you to allow Adobe FLASH – say YES! It might fight you but do persist*. NB DO NOT USE an IPAD/TABLET* it will NOT work!). Once logged into BBO via this link the look and feel is a little different but you should be able to find your way to the same place you normally use to register. Go ahead and register with Player 4 as you would for a Pairs tournament. When this is done, you should see an option BUTTON to SELECT TEAMMATES. Click on it, locate your teammates partnership and click INVITE. When your teammates accept you are done(the player who invited from pair 1 should get the invite to accept).

Close the window and click the event title and you should see your four players as a team.

NB: Only players using the above link version of the software will see the team as a foursome (players using the regular version of BBO to login will NOT see -they will only registered pairs).

When you think you have successfully registered online as a team, you can all log-off. Thereafter please all login again as usual (no more need to use special captain’s link) by 5 minutes to gametime (ie 10.55am). NB: If we are all online early we will start early.

I will do my best to update spreadsheet with entered teams as well to reassure all.

Good luck and play well.

*If no-one in your team uses a laptop/pc can you please email Nicole (TD) and we will arrange an alternative solution.

Registration will open at 8am on Sunday 1st November 2020. So that we can start on time, it will close at 10.00am. At that time teams not joined will cause the tournament start to be delayed and may be deemed too late to play.


If this happens we can do our best to reallocate seats, but for example if any two pairs are offline one team WILL NOT PLAY.

A couple of extra points to note.

BBO Swiss Teams was created using an older version of BBO software which has not yet been migrated to the latest version most players use. To that end only players using the above link will see the board imps following a match. Everyone else will see the results in VPS, but only at the end of the evening. For this reason, we update the match results every couple of rounds best we can and time permitting. We will post that link in the tournament chat during the game.