Kelso Bridge Club
Sunday 13 june 2021

11.00am Duplicate Pairs – 24 boards barometer scoring
 3.00pm Swiss Teams – 6 x 4 board matches

Kelso Bridge Club invite you to join us in virtual Kelso, Scotland, at the now famous venue BridgeBase Online (popularly known as BBO) we will meet and play over a single day for a Duplicate Pairs followed by a Swiss Teams game.


These events are open to all.

There will be no kibitzers at any session permitted unless you seek permission from the TD-in-charge. UNDOs are allowed for misclicks, 7 or 8 minutes a board. Any breaks will be advised during play.

This is an active ethics tournament focused on competitive, fun bridge for all. Online players virtually step into each other homes. Please bid and play throughout with your best, most friendly, ethical mindset. Please do not be concerned if asked to explain any actions or lengthy pauses to the TD.

BBO Conditions for Play


Kelso Congress 2021 (#12212)

Sunday 13 June 2021

48 boards for a day of bridge together !

2 single session games - Duplicate Pairs in the morning, and Swiss Teams in the afternoon

Scoring & play will be on BBO.


Please ignore the Google message suggesting this page automatically updates! However if you do not see your names after 24 hours then do not panic but if you want to follow it up send an email to the team here.