This is an invitational tournament. You are all welcome to register to play but we ask you to kindly complete this form and await our response before paying the entry fee.

When we have received and accepted your entry your name will be added to the registered players list. At this point  please go ahead and pay using the GBP or Euro links on the right sidebar of this page. And then I look forward to welcoming you in Madrid!

The entry fee is 250 Euros or 225GBP.

For Spanish nationals residing in Spain and players who will be Under 25 on 20.06.2020 this will be discounted to 175 Euros.

All of my invited friends and players who participated in 2019 can register and pay straight away by clicking the BUY NOW button on the right sidebar. 

If you could also please fill in and submit the form and tell me how you have already or intend to pay. 


Entry fee is payable in advance. Please enter and pay now in EUROs or GBP to ensure your seat.

2nd Mutton Cup Entry


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