Montrose Bridge Club Swiss Teams on

Bridge Base Online

How to get to your game!

BBO have now made it possible to join a Swiss Teams tournament without using the old (flash) version. Both methods work so if you are familiar and happy with the previous method please feel free to use that way.

 Please agree a time for all four players to login to BBO.

  1. All Players login to BBO as normal.
  2. Pair A registers as usual to the tournament: #35439 Montrose Bridge Club Christmas Swiss Teams. Registration will look just like any pairs tournament.

Captain’s Information

After both pairs have registered choose tab SELECT TEAMMATES. Click on it, locate your teammates partnership and click INVITE. When your teammates accept you are done (the player who invited from pair 1 should get the invite to accept).

Close the window and click the event title and you should see your four players as a team.

When you have successfully registered online as a team, you can all log-off. Thereafter please login again as usual by 15 minutes to game time.

Good luck and play well.


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