Joining Instructions for Playing a BBO Pairs, Swiss Pairs or Individual tournament:

Registration opens 2 hours before start time of any session and until you are extremely familiar with the system, assume it closes 30 minutes before the game begins.

Every BBO tournament can be found in the COMPETITIVE AREA, and to filter your event out from the crowd, type into the search filter – either the event code, the Tdhost username, or the game name.

Some games on BBO are open to all. Others are restricted only to users permitted by the event organiser. Make sure the organiser has your name 24 hours in advance of your first online game for a new club/tournament to ensure you are cleared by the system to register.

Table money. There are two ways to pay table money for BBO games. Either you pay as you play, or in advance online or off. Your organiser will advise you in pre-registration communications eg advertising

Here is a step-by-step path to registering successfully for games.

  • Agree with your partner a time and both login to BBO at the same time.(Please know that TDs cannot promise to get you into the game if you try to register only in the last 15 minutes before game time).
  • At the agreed time, go to and click on the LOGIN/REGISTER button. You will need to have already created a BBO account and submitted your username to the event organiser.
  • Select “Competitive”, then select “All Tournaments”
  • Search using “xxx” and select “xxx Event Title Bridge game ” (the “Search Box” sits at the top right of your screen visual above the list of Tournaments) 
  • Click on the Title name text of your chosen event and this brings up the Register tab
    • One player invites the other. Do this by typing partner’s BBO username into the space then  click “Invite
    • Now partner will receive the invite and must click “YES” to accept

You will see both partnership names listed in the Entries tab.

REMEMBER – COMPLETE THIS STEP at least 15 minutes before game time, or you might not play.

  • At this point, you can both go offline, or move to the CASUAL area of BBO.

REMEMBER For every game But YOU MUST BE ONLINE AND in the COMPETITIVE area of BBO at game start time of the system (ie if you decide to play some Casual Bridge in the interim, you will need to then Logoff and Login again before the Competitive game starts).

  • Log back online and wait to play; cards will appear automatically at game time.
  • Results will be published on your organiser’s website and you can also look for them in your History tab during play.
    • If you have any problems logging in or registering for a Tournament please contact Nicole Cook (the TD): via private CHAT message to nicoletd or by phone 07944 744899