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from only 20GBP a month.

Could your club benefit from a backup person sometimes?

Have any of your games cancelled because the game setup was wrong?

Have some games not started?

Has there been an infraction the Director didn’t know how to handle?

Are you cancelling games because there is no-one to run them?

Are there volunteers to host and run the play sessions but no one can set them up?

Are you fed up waiting for online team matches that don’t start/finish on time?

If you answered yes any of these questions this one off summer support service is for you!

We are still keeping bridge games & players connected.

It’s summer here at the company office – and we are all working round the clock to ensure that while online clubs are settling into a mixture of online games and planning for the imminent return to face to face play everyone can still win.
We are here all summer and will provide temporary cover to ensure duplicate bridge runs smoothly in June, July & August.
Please contact us for administrative planning or directing support for your games.


Our success is based entirely on the team of professionals we have hand picked for their excellence in their chosen fields. Each of us has more than 20 years real and virtual experience in customer service, bridge tournament management, club bridge directing, IT programming and much much more.

We choose to work with the number one online bridge playing platform – they have millions of hours knowledge and practice getting things honed so you don’t have to! And we too now have thousands of hours working with online bridge games – so we know how to get it right – moreso we know how to help players get good at just playing bridge in this new online world – we know how to help them enjoy playing online easily and competitively.

The iBEX team are mostly bridge directors who used to travel the world running events for clubs and organisations. Right now we are rapidly improving at staging bridge online for players who were once only familiar with bridge played across a table.

We know how to seamlessly bring a large range of duplicate bridge games and competitions online.

So now you can provide bridge Swiss Teams, Team matches, Club Duplicates, Championship Pairs, Swiss Pairs, Individuals online. These are all available for your players online.

We are providers not promoters working independently in the global free market to simplify bridge organisation and put tools into the hands of players to help bridge game thrive virtually and face-to-face.

You know your players. We know how to provide enjoyable, well run, competitive bridge games online.

Our ethics standards default to our client’s own, but in the absence of such we abide by our provider’s regulations as a priority, and the WBF laws of bridge at all times.

What’s more our bridge playing programmer is brilliant! He can give you a link to simply display results and record your players performance in a wide range of game types in their playing circuit. 

In the cobweb of complicated options that abound online, we offer simple solutions with no contracts – either pay us or we’ll pay you to suit your players budget and playing interest.

To give you an idea of what you can expect:

If you collect table money yourselves – YOU PAY US ie we will invoice you per player each session and pay the online platform and TD fees for you.

If your table money is  collected online WE PAY YOU a share of the profits. eg If you set your table money fee at a rate of 3.00* for an up to 24 board session, we will give you back 1.50* for every player.

* assume to pay/receive in your face to face table money currency

Whether your club would like to play a weekly duplicate, or you are looking to host an Invitational or International Festival we will make sure you give your players a great game. 



From the moment you ask us to get involved we can take care of everything – from helping you choose the right format for your players, to collecting table money and entry fees, creating booking forms and web pages for you. We direct sessions, paying out the various expenses and prizes and administer masterpoint submissions if required. 

Bridge extras you can table face to face!

A fresh new way to display and analyse results with no website to maintain.


Player names, photos, ranking lists, connection with BBO hand viewer, hand commentary options and statistics are just some of the features in the web based results service – no need to adminster or upload anything – it is automatic after a BBO tournament game finalises.

Technology that will enhance the future of bridge face to face!


Get away at home to play


Whatever the season, online bridge gives your players a chance to take a virtual trip to play bridge. 

An online extra you can certainly incorporate when we get back to face to face bridge!


In this cashless environment, collecting money really can be hassle free – talk to us about how to collect table money from your players online that can support your bridge future. 

Who needs cash? Another extra you can incorporate when we get back to face to face!


Typically iBEX helps support organisers to stage great bridge experiences online but occasionally we host games for players too. Look for eBIX events for OPEN opportunities to develop  as a player to play in excellent competitive games. TRUST US to give you good interesting game every time.

Never need we stop playing bridge online – there’s something for every bridge player!





Start the conversation & contact us NOW.
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Sit back. 
Relax & enjoy.

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