Highland District Strathpeffer Congress on

Bridge Base Online


26-28th March 2021

How to get to your game and zoOM!

The LONG...

Joining a Tournament on BBO

To join the tournament:  


You will see a list of all pending tournaments in the order they start (soonest first).

Scroll down the list, or type your tournament name in the search box top right corner of the list to filter down.

Click on the event name and a box will appear in which you type your partners name, you can also opt to pay for your partner if you wish, and press INVITE

Your partner will need to be signed in too and should accept the invitation to play, if they are not online you will have to try again.

BBO have now made it possible to join a Swiss Teams tournament without using the old (flash) version. Both methods work so if you are familiar and happy with the previous method please feel free to use that way.

 Please agree a time for all four players to login to BBO.

  1. All Players login to BBO as normal.
  2. Pair A registers as usual to the tournament: …Congress SWISS TEAMS. Registration will look just like any pairs tournament.
  3. After both pairs have registered choose tab SELECT TEAMMATES. Click on it, locate your teammates partnership and click INVITE. When your teammates accept you are done (the player who invited from pair 1 should get the invite to accept).

    Close the window and click the event title and you should see your four players as a team.

    When you have successfully registered online as a team, you can all log-off. 

    4. Thereafter please login again as usual by 15 minutes to game time. BBO has one quirk – it will re-assign teams if any pairs are offline – so make sure you are ONLINE and in the competitive area at game time.

    Good luck and play well.

You can check that your registration has been successful by clicking on the entries tab where you will find a full list of registered players.

Once you are registered you will be seated automatically when the tournament starts as long as you are still online and in the  COMPETITIVE area (avoid the Casual area as it is now on a different game server).

Registration opens 2 hours before the event starts so please register in good time, don’t leave it until the last minute. If you do not register 15 minutes before you may miss out.

If you have any problems registering please message the host on BBO or ring the TD Nicole on 07944 744 899.

TIP: Add your partner to your friends list via the People tab and Add Friend box at the bottom. This will make it simple to message them and to know when they are online.

If you have played a BBO tournament before then you do exactly the same thing. 

MAKE SURE you have sufficient BBO dollars (if it is a pay on the day in BBO dollars game).

SEARCH to filter down to your game and register. 

REGISTER by inviting your partner within 2 hours of game time.

SWISS TEAMS ONLY: You can NOW register with either version of BBO. YOU MUST select teammates as well as register with your partner.

REMEMBER: For all games you MUST MUST be online at game time or you will not play. 

and short of it!


Congresses are normally great social events in which we meet with old and new friends. For this online congress, after each session you can book a Zoom breakout room. Once booked, you can invite friends either beforehand, or during play on chat, to meet you in your room. Groups of friends will be able to discuss the hands, catch up or generally chat for up to an hour. They can leave when they wish. Numbers in each room will be limited. People will be able to visit more than 1 room.

If you book a room, you will invite people to your room,welcome people to your room and behave as a host. (Not a “zoom” host) . You will be given your room number which you can pass on to friends.

Zoom sessions will start when results are announced giving you time to bring a drink. 

 Zoom links will be sent to all who enter the congress in advance and anyone else playing in open events. 

When players enter the zoom session they must know which room they wish to enter. Players will be allocated to the rooms.

Rooms must be booked in advance by midday Wednesday 24th March. Room numbers will be notified in advance.

Application for breakout rooms “

The SBU Highland District, Highland ( linked to Application for breakout rooms


Full event management by iBEx Ltd