Play your bridge in CLEAN GREEN CLUBHOUSEs

Give players confidence to play face to face

If you are making your club safe to play in every session,
why not say it all in one simple way?

Give reassurance and peace of mind

Let players, directors and their families know at a glance
that your venue has their well- being in mind
and you take enjoyable bridge play seriously.

The safest places to play bridge in 2021 display our unique CGC safe logo.
Get yours now.
It's just a little thing,
but it says a lot.

CGC Safe
Display this logo - it tells everyone you care about safe, modern enjoyable bridge for all.

For clubs, organisers, players and directors, returning to face to face bridge is proving a bit more of a challenge than we might have first anticipated. But it presents exciting opportunities to cement a strong future for our game.

The goal is to do our bit to get every bridge playing group back to full swing.

The CGC logo is our suggested way to take bridge safely forward into a strong future of competitive play online and off.

C, G and C are 3 key elements for a safe venue to be in as support staff and players. C=Clean as in well ventilated, well spaced, easy access measures to reduce the spread of germs. G=Green as in good for the environment as we adopt technology solutions for a less is more approach to things we must touch, C as in Clubhouse = a group of bridge players in a venue being responsible whenever they play cards.

A CGC badge is a stamp of recognition that a bridge club operates in a cash-free, paper-free way, does not share bridge scoring or bridge bidding devices, runs bridge sessions using additional sets of boards and strictly follows all national guidelines for stopping the spread of COVID-19. At such a club the players take responsibility for their own safety and commit to keeping each other safe by playing online only EXCEPT after being double vaccinated and symptom free.

This is an awareness campaign to promote safely playing bridge in venues. It is intended to be bridge specific public recognition to players and their families that the venue is doing its very best to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

We hope that people will quickly come to recognise the logo and appreciate it as the mark that clubs and players are working together to help each other feel safe to come to the club to play.

Coincidentally, it will also indicate that a bridge club is a healthier, cleaner environment to be in generally – spring cleaning scoring and playing technology at the same time.

There are three options for creating your own Clean Green Club.


This FREE option is suitable if you have all the systems in place already. Such that you are looking simply to show your members at a glance that they should feel safe to play in your club. You will receive a logo that connects to a simple template that you can display on your website or email to your members. You will also receive a link to printable material to display in your venue.

If you have some measures in place but need help to go completely green at the club then a paid option will suit you best.


With this paid option you will receive the help you need to set up your technology  – you are paying primarily for scoring using smart phones , but also support to go cash-free and run linked games online and face to face. You will receive all the services of CGC free as well, PLUS you will be able to give your players a results record in your own division of our online database. The cost is 20.00GBP a month or 200.00GBP annually



You might prefer to pick and choose services you need at a rate of .50GBP per player per session per service (up to 2GBP). This is our customised service which also includes hosting & directing online games, our scoring package, a personalised database and web pages for your club.

TIP: When we read your form and send the logo, all we really want to do is check we’d feel safe to be in your club as a player or director. And make a plan forward together if we don’t feel safe quite yet for any reason.

Tell us you would like to join the campaign by completing the FREE form below, or purchase the services you are missing with CGC PAY or PAY PLUS. We will send you access to download a logo to display on your club website. And give you a link tor your club page.

Follow this link for an example of the type of content page we create – this director uses the CGC Pay Plus option. All the tools are available on one page as a stand alone website (or by link to a club’s existing pages). We will refine the details so each club has as a minimum access for FREE to – 1. digital material for print and online display. 2. A game programme online & face to face display and two images as per the Our game template 3. A list of the Club’s clean, green measures (as per below style)


Getting Started

We are in! What should we do next?

Fill in the form for your preferred option below. Basically tell us how you are keeping your players safe, and we will make your page and send you the digital material link for your club. We aim to get your package to you within a few days. That’s it. When you have submitted the form you will receive instructions for how to proceed.

TIP: When we read your form and send the logo, all we really want to do is check we’d feel safe to be in your club as a player or director. And make a plan forward together if we don’t feel safe quite yet for any reason.

A simple web template to put introductory information

where and when

Your Club Name

Tell your players more here



to write your programme for success

Tell us and we will create your customised page.

Adopt this as your new normal, or we will help you write your own customisations.


We are doing our best to make the playing room a safe place to play. To that end these are the measures we will take and hope you will feel confident to relax and play well.

  1. There will be no cash in the playing room. Hopefully you are all OK to pay by credit card or bank transfer (we will explain how)
  2. There will be a bidding box unopened on your table – it is yours for the session to keep and carry with you to each new table. If you have your own you are welcome to bring and use it.
  3. There will be more sets of boards in play, so fewer pairs of hands will touch your cards. Please be diligent to sanitise your hands regularly and avoid putting the cards near your face.
  4. The tables will be well spaced so moving pairs can so conscious to social distance.
  5. You are encouraged to use your own phone (or ipad) to enter scores and view rankings using the scoring APP (FREE for players) (click here for details). The App does access the internet, and creates personal scorecards so you do not need to keep score with a pen. If you wish to do so, please bring your own pen and take a personal score card from the setup table.
  6. Please keep everything except cards off the table during play.
  7. Please be courteous and mindful to avoid encroaching into your opponents’ space at the table.
  8. The Director will not typically wear a mask, but will aim to minimise time at the table. Please know that corrections to scores can be done on a device away from the table, so it is sufficient to explain, then refresh your device when instructed.

(Ask us for material you can print to display your in your club and online)