Bridge Games

It’s time to put your best foot forward – we are going forward to the club!

There will be a few things to keep everyone safe in the new normal world we exist in right now. Details will be posted here soon.

In these pages we will display for you the diary of forthcoming events, give you a way to pay for all sessions or as you go along, and show the results after each game.

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If you would like us to add anything else please do ask.

Next Game:
Friday 24 September 2021

Venue: Cumberland Tennis Club rooms

Here is the link to the super simple HOW-TO JOIN our TEAMS GAME on BBO  tournament  Everything is as usual EXCEPT please remember to join up as a foursome after you have registered as a pair.

See you there! PS there will a a random team joining us to make an even number – let’s beat them please!

10 October 2021


ibeSCORE is a version of the BRIAN scorer. You can use either.

Just look for the FREE Brian App logo in the Apple Store, or search the ibeSCORE logo at Google Play

ibeSCORE (Google Play) Android phone or tablet

(Apple Store) ipad or iphone

The system is quite intuitive when you get started – but we invite you to watch this short video before you play. It’s really easy and safe!

Please do feel free to download the app and give it a try.

You can do nothing wrong!

We will refresh the link on Monday so feel free to enter scores and practice if you would like to.

Here’s the how to:

  1. Download the app – look for the logo in the correct store
  2.  Install & open the App
  3. Click the big globe in the top centre of the page
  4. Type bex1 
  5. Click ENTER DUPLICATE. Now you are in – you can follow the video to Enter scores, view rankings & see scores. Enjoy!