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General Rules

We are committed to maintaining a pleasant atmosphere on BBO. Playing in the tournaments on BBO is dependent upon the display of good sportsmanship and above all ethics observance of the highest standard.

Players are required to familiarise themselves with the Proprieties of the Laws of Duplicate Bridge. Players are also required to respect BBO’s Rules of the Site.

Each player is reminded that it is a breach of ethics to break a law or regulation deliberately, even if willing to accept a prescribed penalty.


The only language to be used in this tournament is English.

Systems Policy

  • HUM systems and Brown Stickers are not allowed.
  • Both members of a partnership must agree to adopt the same meanings for calls in the auction and also for defensive card play. This does not restrict exercise of style and judgment.
  • Players are requested to provide a Convention Card completed legibly in English.
  • If a pair does not have a convention card, ACOL is assumed.

Playing time

Players are expected to complete their boards in the time allotted per round (there is a clock at the table showing remaining time).

Extra time may be granted at the TD’s discretion.

In case a table has not completed a board in time, if the result is sufficiently obvious, the robots will automatically adjust the result.

If the board was not played enough to be adjusted automatically, the Director will review the board and adjust if necessary.

The system assigns average scores for unplayed or partly-played boards for pairs who are slow.

If a pair needs a board review, they must call the TD and specify the board number. The TD will examine the board and decide whether adjustment is needed.


Any bid or play that has a special or artificial meaning, or whose partnership meaning may not be understood by the opponents is an “alertable call” which must be brought to the immediate attention of the opponents through the use of the “alert”.

The BBO software is designed so that players alert their own bids. This is called “self-alerting” and it is opposite to the approach that is used in live bridge clubs and tournaments.

If you have doubt as to whether one of your bids should be alerted or not, it is appropriate to alert.

If an opponent asks you for the meaning of one of your bids, you are expected to answer them politely, even if you think the answer is obvious.If the opponents ask again, try to rephrase using other words. You do not have to tell the opponents how you intended your bid — only what you have agreed with your partner.

You cannot use chat to explain your bids to your partner.

Failure to alert will involve an assigned score if the opponents are damaged.


Disconnected players will be replaced after waiting for a reasonable time, at the TD’s discretion, to allow them to return. If a player returns, they will be automatically placed back in their seat as soon as the board in progress is completed. Or call the TD, say your partner’s username and ask for an immediate reseat.

Reporting Abuse

Any disturbing incidents will be reported to the Tournament Director, either by calling TD if it’s a matter that requires immediate attention, or after the game, in private chat.

If you suspect your opponents are using unauthorized information, or have other concerns about the ethics of other players in the tournament, report the suspicious boards to the Tournament Director or by email to the organiser. Be specific and include the link to the movie(s) if you are able to.

The following are considered serious offenses:

  • The use of profanities as well as racist or sexually explicit remarks.
  • Insulting your partners, opponents, the TDs or any other member of BBO.
  • Leaving the table in the middle of a hand for reasons other than you get disconnected or there is software problem.
  • Using messaging apps or using a telephone to exchange unauthorized information with your partner.
  • Discuss or engage in cheating or illegal activities.
  • Discuss with other members or in public chat about usernames, real names or any other information of players you suspect to be cheating.
  • You can report suspicious results to the tournament directors through private messages. Please include any evidence you may have.
  • Circumvent your account ban, suspensions, or other disciplinary actions.




Organised by

North Wales Bridge Association


10th & 11thJuly 2021


2:00 pm  SESSION 1 – 24 BOARDS

7.15 pm SESSION 2 – 24 BOARDS

SUNDAY 11:00 am

The top 10 pairs play the A Final and the next 10 the B Final.

Both will play full Howells consisting of 9 x 5 board matches

There will be 1 hour break after 5 rounds

There will be a consolation event for all other pairs.