Give players confidence to play face to face

If you are making your club safe to play in every session,
why not say it all in one simple way?

Give reassurance and peace of mind

Let players, directors and their families know at a glance
that your venue has their well- being in mind
and you take enjoyable bridge play seriously.

CGC PAY Signup Form

Thanks for getting involved in this campaign to bring players back to safe modern bridge game face to face.

This is the payment form for users looking to add CGC Pay to their portfolio of services for their bridge players.

Please be assured that the details you provide here as you plan for your return to f2f will remain confidential between yourself and our support team.

After submission of the form you will be contacted by email by a member of our team to get your services setup.

To get the web page completed with your programme details we will need to ask some more questions, but the link to download the logo will be sent as soon as we have read and decided we'd feel you are doing your best for us were we to come play in, or direct at your club. We will contact you with our suggestions for how we would feel safe and we can go from there. Your 30 day trial will start from the time we agree we feel safe and send the logos!


Mark of commitment to safe play venue

Perfect for clubs who have everything ready now. ie You are cash-free, paper-free, own bidding box and scorer prepared.


Keep your players safe wherever they play

Customise your club’s success
-Smartphone Scoring
-Linked games