Lancashire BPS on BBO

Information and end of play results.

A note from your TDs:

BBO completes unfinished boards, assessing based on the play to that point and the predicted standard of the players. Please ask for a review if the BBO assessment seems inaccurate.

We set the 7 minutes per board for all OPEN games, but if too many boards remain unfinished, we may slow the session to 8 minutes to reflect the current rate of play.

If you help during any game, please  call for the TD. Before a game please message the online game host – ibex_23 or ibex_25 

Or you are welcome to phone Sarah 07930 503746 or Nicole 07944 744899 and we will do our best. 

Social & Learner Duplicates

Open Duplicates

To review the BBO play of a hand at any table click on hand analysis, the scroll over to the right of the screen.