TD Notices Online Blue Pointed Pairs FINAL

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Surrey Bluepointed Pairs on BBO.

Today we are 16 pairs playing 15 rounds of 3 boards scored as matchpoint duplicate – stopping for a one hour break after 24 boards (about 3 pm). in this all-play-all final. 

Your directors today will Sarah Amos(s_amos) Ian Mitchell(imitch) Maurizio Di Sacco(ibex), Fabrizio(mrwolf76) and Nicole (Nicoletd).

We have a bunch of please dos to help you all have a fair, competitive game. We will run you through them in chat at the start of each session as well.

  1. Please give a very brief system outline to your opponents as you say hello for a new round.
  2. Please self-alert and explain all conventional calls using the box provided.
  3. Please always ask for explanations by clicking on the call only – ie refrain from using private chat to an opponent. We do not condone entrapment queries (ie do not ask the partner for explanations ever!)
  4. This is an UNDO game – so if asked for an UNDO at any time accept it immediate the request appears – if you think it could be other than a misclick simply call the TD after you have accepted the UNDO request. Again the TDs will not condone undos based on misinformation of unauthorised information, but will adjust accordingly if UNDOs were not accepted when asked.
  5. Ethically please know that we are watching, we trust you all, until you prove we cannot – do not be alarmed if we contact you to query an action – be polite visitors to virtual Surrey – we are all in each other homes today, so act as if you are the best house guests ever!
  6. You can tell us about hesitations – but online they mean many things and are almost never what they are face-to-face.