COVID-19 Care at the 2nd Mutton Cup 2020

Welcome to the Mutton Cup, I don’t think I need to introduce myself really as if you didn’t know me before, we have probably met this year on BBO or social media.

I wanted to give you all the best information I have ahead of the 2nd Mutton Cup.
Firstly I want to reassure everyone that we are doing everything in our power to avoid the spread of infection.

The venue we will use has re-opened for bridge play. Here are some of the measures currently in place which will form our playing protocol as well.

        • · When entering the club a mask needs to be worn. There is a temperature check , people with a high temperature may not be admitted.
        • · Players then walk over a disinfecting mat into the room and everyone must apply sanitiser to their hands and bare lower arms.
        • · Once inside the club , no crowding round the bar is permitted. The club is kept as cool as possible and the air con is switched before the first player arives. Windows stay open for good ventilation.
        • · Hand sanitizer is available at various stations round the room . Gloves (optional ) are available.
        • · There are 4-way Perspex screens at every table , players may remove their mask when seated.
        • · If anyone coughs or sneezes at the screen while playing or eating/drinking then they are to be cleaned immediately.
        • · One complete set of boards remains at each table during a session. After an ozone cleaner will clean cards and sufficient sets are available to ensure there is no unsafe repeated use of boards.
        • · Everyone has their own bidding box and no-one is permitted to touch another person bids or cards.
        • · Scoring devices are person specific and not shared.
        • · Tables are spaced to comply with regulations (curently 1.5 metre) and there are currently limits of 50 people per room.

If needed Fito and I will take additional mesaures to ensure everyone knows how to comply with safe social distancing, including markers on the floor, remaining seated between rounds and timed moves between tables.

Masks are required when any person is required to be within 1.5 metres of another not from the same household.

Mutton specific additional measures

I have also requested table service only for all drinks and snacks. Hospitality breaks after every 10 boards. And we will need smokers to move well away from the venue, keep social distances and follow regulations while out of the building during a session.

In terms of the convention card we will provide electronic copies and attempt to avoid any paperwork and excess paraphenalia at the tables.


For the evenings , on the first evening we are looking for a large enough outdoor venue where players can socialise with appropriate social distancing with people not I their own “bubble” we think we’ve found somewhere and somewhere similarly appropriate for late drinking.

On the second evening, we have a meal at the club, eaten safely behind the Perspex screens.

As for restaurants I don’t know exactly what the rules but you may have to wear a mask, that you take off at your table . You have to hand sanitize on entry and put mask on if using bathroom or if heading outside to smoke.

As for the hotels I will need to do more research. But you can do that with your chosen hotels as well. I will focus on checking availability and current rates at the various hotels.

Finally a word of thanks to Jose Miguel Martínez(Fito), who has worked tirelessly to make his bridge club Vergara ready for live play, without which the event wouldn’t be possible.

I sincerely hope you can join us for what could possible be the first live bridge international since lockdown began.

Jason Hackett

Entry fee is payable in advance. Please enter and pay now to ensure your seat.


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