1st Mutton Cup
22-24 August 2019
Individual Bridge Tournament
Madrid, Spain

Welcome to the Mutton Cup,I don’t think I need to introduce myself as I’ve personally invited everyone participating in the 1st Mutton Cup.

I had been toying with what to do to celebrate my 50th for some time now, when the bright idea came into my mind of getting my friends (who are nearly all bridge players ) together for a party.  And what better way than getting everyone to one of my favourite cities in one of my favourite countries to indulge in my passions, food drink and bridge. So pleased was I with the idea, that I decided to start this year, for my 49th birthday.

Individual events are rare but a lot of fun and I intend for this event to be one of the most enjoyable events on the bridge calendar. The entry is higher than in most events but you will enjoy excellent hospitality, free drinks and snacks throughout, a cocktail before the prize giving and a dinner.

It is the first time I’ve organised such an event so please forgive me if I have to tweak the anticipated prizes slightly, and I would also ask you to please register if you’d like to play and pay online if you can by mid July, I’m sure you can imagine the chaos that would ensue if a number of players decided not to come at the last minute.

I know Madrid is hot in August but to get a lot of top players from all over the world, this was a clear gap in the calendar and having visited before in August, I can assure Madrid is still a lot of fun at this time of the year.

Finally a word of thanks to Jose Miguel Martínez, who kindly has allowed us to use his club, without which the event wouldn’t be possible.

I sincerely hope you can join us in August.

Jason Hackett

Querido competidor

Es un placer darte la bienvenida al primer Mutton Cup, que se celebrará en el Club de Bridge Vergara de Madrid del 22 al 24 de agosto de 2019.

La Mutton Cup es un torneo individual en que participarán una mezcla de jugadores regulares y campeones de nivel mundial

Lo que caracteriza la Multton Cup es que tras pagar a los árbitros y los gastos de organización, el resto del monto de las inscripciones se gastara en refrigerios y premios.

¡Ven a Madrid en agosto y diviértete!

La inscripción incluye:

Todas las bebidas (incluido alcohol ) y aperitivos durante todo el torneo.
La cena de 23 agosto.
El coctel y reparto de premios el 24 agosto.
Los premios.

Todas las sesiones comenzarán a 17:00 h, y será un oportunidad de jugar con algunos de los mejores jugadores del mundo.

Es imprescindible el pago por anticipado, ya que la complejidad de los movimientos individuales hace que sea imprescindible saber con antelación el número de participantes.

Fecha tope de inscripción y pago: 13 julio 2019.

La organización desea que haya muchos participantes locales, por lo que, el precio de inscripción será de 175€ para todos aquellos jugadores que tengan licencia por la AEB, y residencia en España. El precio de inscripción por jugador es de 250€.

Para más información, inscripciones y pagos, contacte con José Miguel Martínez (Fito) a través del mail: info@bridgebase.es

Espero veros en Madrid en agosto.

Jason Hackett


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