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We are providers not promoters who work independently in the global free market to simplify bridge organisation for organisers, and put tools into the hands of players to help their bridge game thrive virtually and face-to-face.

You know your players. We know how to provide regular, enjoyable bridge games online.

Our ethics standards default to our client’s own, but in the absence of such we abide by our providers regulations as a priority, and the WBF laws of bridge at all times.

In the cobweb of complicated options that abound online, we offer simple solutions with no contracts – either pay us or we’ll pay you to suit your players budget and playing interest.

To give you an idea of what you can expect:

If you collect table money yourselves – YOU PAY US ie we will invoice you from 2.00* per player eg if 40 players play 3 times a week – we will invoice you for 80.00* a session and pay the online platform and TD fees for you.

If your table money is  collected online WE PAY YOU a share of the profits. eg You set a table money fee to your players at a rate of rate is 4.00* for 18bds for 40 players playing 3 times a week, we will pay you from 1.50* for every player.

* assume to pay/receive in your face to face table money currency